Tuesday, 31 January 2012


A hill top stirs far away from here. Mud slides are abundant as the exterior flanks give way and huge chunks of dirt roll to the valley below. The Green Man is stirring from his great year long slumber, and this year we're invited.

Yes, that's right, your friendly neighbourhood surf pop psych rock love sex vamp band are going be setting off on a dangerous and 5 hourish long drive into the deepest and most rugged wilds of Wales. Any kind of beast could run out into the road and write off our automobile. Especially at night. We'll drive in the day then.

The first wave of bands in the line-up for this majestic festival were announced on Monday and we're amongst the talent. Sharing the weekend with headliner FEIST, JONATHAN RICHMAN and a personal favourite of mine, CASS MCCOMBS with many more to be announced.


In other news we had a magnificent premiere for our wonderful new video last Friday and performed to a packed out room with support from our good friend and associate Samuel Foxton Welles. It was so awesome I forgot how good it was. You should have been there to remind me. However, if you weren't (or were, as it apparently does warrant repeated watches) you can see the video for free on the internet. For now and ever. ;) @ SFW.

PS. Please visit SAMUEL FOXTON WELLES here and listen to his new masterpiece.

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